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WFA Announcements

General Announcements from the Wellington Federation of Agriculture.

CONSTITUTION               Revised – October 2023

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Article 1: Title/Name


This organization shall be known as the Wellington Federation of Agriculture.


Article 2: Definitions ADDED


  1. The Wellington Federation of Agriculture will be referenced as “WFA”
  2. The Ontario Federation of Agriculture will be referenced as “OFA”
  3. The County of Wellington will be referenced as “County”


Article 3: Objectives


  1. To work towards improving the welfare of the individual farmer and the farming industry
  2. To bring the views, concerns, and recommendations of the membership to the OFA for policy development and action, and to interpret for all members the OFA policy that is developed
  3. To communicate core agricultural information effectively and promptly to the farming community
  4. To accurately present agriculture in the County to the community at large
  5. To work in collaboration with OFA
  6. To encourage social, electoral, and educational activities as they affect agriculture ADDED
  7. To engage with government officials and policymakers to provide input, share information, and advocate for policies and regulations that align with the needs and goals of the agricultural industry. ADDED


Bylaw 1: Membership


  1. A Member of WFA shall be any Registered Farm Business with membership with OFA or anyone with an Individual Farm Membership with OFA, who resides in the County and the City of Guelph
  2. Members of WFA shall have the right to attend and vote at all WFA General Meetings and to seek election to the WFA Board of Directors. ADDED
  3. Only one person per membership is permitted to cast a vote during a voting process. ADDED


Bylaw 2: Board of Directors


  1. A Board of Directors will be established with representation as follows:
    1. President
    2. Past President ADDED
    3. 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents
    4. Up to three Directors representing each municipality in the County and the City of Guelph
    5. Up to ten Directors-at-Large


  1. The Board of Directors will have the responsibilities of:
    1. The management and regulation of all business of WFA between Annual General Meetings
    2. Establishing new positions and making changes to existing positions as deemed necessary by the organization
    3. The implementation of WFA and OFA organizational policy
    4. Making a full report of WFA’s activities, including the presentation of a reviewed financial statement at each Annual General Meeting.
    5. The use of WFA’s funds in accordance with approved budgets. ADDED
    6. The hiring, contractual agreement and management of a WFA administrator. ADDED


Bylaw 3: Duties


  1. President ADDED

The responsibilities of the President will include:

Chairing all General, Board and Executive Meetings

  1. Chairing all General, Board and Executive meetings.
  2. Acting as spokesperson of WFA
  3. Promoting OFA membership within the agriculture community
  4. Keeping well informed of relevant issues
  5. Being prepared for WFA activities
  6. Developing a positive relationship with the media to promote agriculture
  7. Delegate responsibilities as needed





  1. Vice Presidents ADDED

The responsibilities of the Vice Presidents will include:

  1. Assuming the duties of the President in their absence
  2. Serving as a member of the Board of Directors
  3. Assisting the President in performing their duties
  4. Keeping well informed of relevant issues
  5. Being prepared for WFA activities
  6. Preparing for the role of President


  1. Past President ADDED

The responsibilities of the Past President will include:

  1. Providing guidance and wisdom to the Board of Directors and Executive as needed.


  1. Directors ADDED

The responsibilities of the Directors will include:

  1. Attending and participating in Board meetings regularly
  2. Present issues and concerns of the Members
  3. Assisting with WFA activities outside of meetings
  4. Participating in WFA Committees
  5. Assisting in the recruitment, orientation, and retention of Board members


Bylaw 4: Executive


The Executive shall consist of the President, Vice Presidents, and Past President.

The responsibilities of the Executive will include: ADDED

  1. Overseeing financial operations of WFA
  2. Review any issues from the Board that require extra attention
  3. Serve as the Officers of WFA
  4. Overseeing any volunteers and staff contracted by WFA


Bylaw 5: Officers


The Officers shall consist of the President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary-Treasurer.


Bylaw 6: Secretary-Treasurer


  1. The roles of Secretary and Treasurer shall be served by the Administrator
  2. The Administrator will be hired from outside of the WFA Board
  3. When vacant the position will be publicly advertised. ADDED
    1. Applicants will be interviewed by a selection committee comprising the President and at least two other members of the Board of Directors.
    2. The Committee will recommend the hiring of a suitable applicant pursuant to the contractual terms of engagement.
  4. Responsibilities include handling and reporting on WFA’s finances and correspondence, taking minutes at all General, Board and Executive Meetings and performing other duties as directed by the Board and Executive. ADDED



Bylaw 7: Committees ADDED


  1. WFA may form ad hoc committees for a specific, temporary purpose.
  2. Standing Committees are:

i) Scholarship Committee

ii)Budget Committee

iii)Nomination Committee

  1. Committees will be made up of members of the Board of Directors
  2. Committees will report their work to the Board


Bylaw 8:  Quorum


  1. The quorum for all General Meetings shall be 15
  2. The quorum for all Board Meetings shall be 4. UPDATED
  3. The quorum for all Executive Meetings shall be 3


Bylaw 9: Fiscal Year ADDED

The fiscal year will run from October 1st to September 30th of each year.


Bylaw 10: Elections ADDED


  1. Elections for all WFA positions on the Board of Directors will occur at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. All elected positions of WFA are for a one-year term
  3. A nominations committee will be struck by the Board of Directors in advance of the Annual General Meeting, the duties of this committee listed in WFA’s policy document.
  4. Nominees for elections must be current Members as per Bylaw 1.
  5. Nominations can be made verbally or in writing by any Member in advance of, or from the floor, at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. Elections shall be held by a secret or private voting method, the details of the voting and ballots listed in WFA’s policy document.
  7. Vacancies on the Board of Directors between Annual General Meetings will be handled by the Board of Directors as listed in WFA’s policy document.
  8. All such vacancies to be filled require a 2/3 vote by the Board of Directors for approval


Bylaw 11: Meetings


  1. Annual General Meeting: UPDATED 


 i)The WFA Annual General Meeting will take place a minimum of 14 days before the OFA AGM

ii)The WFA Annual General Meeting will take place within 60 days following the end of WFA’s fiscal year.

  1. Notice of such meeting to be given either by mail or email, or notice on the WFA website, or insertion in the local press, or in WFA’s social media accounts, or all, at least ten full days in advance of the fixed date.
  2. The agenda will include the election of the Board of Directors, a Financial Statement, the appointment of Auditors and election of representatives to OFA as stated in the Article on Representation to OFA.


  1. Special Meetings:
    1. Special General Meetings may be called by the Board of Directors
    2. The Secretary will call a Special General Meeting on a written request signed by twelve Members.
    3. Notice of a Special General Meeting will be given at least seven full days, by insertion in the local press, email, or notice on the WFA website.
    4. Special Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the Executive
    5. Special Meetings of the Executive may be called by the President


  1. Board Meetings:
    1. The Executive will call at least ten Board Meetings in each year
    2. The dates to be determined by the Executive, for which at least three full days notice in writing or email will be given to each member of the Board.
    3. The meetings will deal with routine business and correspondence and other matters relevant to WFA services and operations.


Bylaw 12: Conduct of Meetings


  1. All meetings of WFA will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order


Bylaw 13:  Attendance at meetings

  1. All meetings will follow a hybrid format combining in-person and virtual attendance options to accommodate both remote and on-site participants. ADDED


Bylaw 14: Expulsion and Suspension


  1. The expulsion of a member of the Board of Directors may be declared for any cause - after investigation - by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors present at the meeting called to consider the question.
  2. A member of the Board of Directors may be suspended in the same manner


Bylaw 15: Amendments


  1. The provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of Members present at a General Meeting.
  2. Notice of proposed amendments shall be posted electronically on WFA’s website and available by request for mailing for no fewer than 10 days prior to the General Meeting that amendments shall be presented at for voting on ADDED


Bylaw 16: Representation to OFA


  1. WFA will undertake the election and appointment of its delegates for OFA’s convention and representatives for OFA’s Policy Advisory Council at WFA’s Annual Regional Meeting.
  2. The number of allowable delegates will be determined by OFA ADDED


Bylaw 17: Indemnification ADDED


The WFA shall indemnify any Directors, Officers and Contractors to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law when they are or may be made a party to legal proceedings by reason of their association with the WFA.


Bylaw 18: Insurance ADDED

WFA shall purchase Director and Officers liability insurance on behalf of its Board of Directors, contractors, and volunteers.



WFA is pleased to sponsor an annual Award program to encourage Wellington County students to pursue post secondary studies in agriculture or an agriculture related field of study (it’s relation may be established by applicant in the body of the essay)
Four awards of $1000 (minimum) each are available to students who reside in Wellington County-The Flewwelling Award, the John Sealey Bursary, the Ray Baptie Bursary and a WFA Board of Directors Bursary. More students may be awarded or a higher amount awarded at the discretion of our committee and budget availability. Any year of study may apply, but applicants may not have previously received a bursary.

1) Complete the WFA Ag Student Award Application.
2) Write an ‘essay’ of approximately 500 words in which you indicate why you should be a recipient of the above- mentioned award (Basically 500 words about yourself, and how you plan to use your knowledge to work within or support the Ag Industry post study)
3) Submit proof of attending a post secondary school program including documentation of program year that you are enrolled in. (This documentation to be received by Sept 15th, after official enrollment)
4) If you are notified as being the recipient of a bursary, you must forward a photo suitable for a media release by WFA prior to receiving your cheque.
Applications can be received by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting Katherine Noble, WFA Administrator at 519-323-7294, 
Deadline for applications : September 1st of each year

Wellington County –

Wellington County’s population is expected to increase by 61% by 2051 which will put notable pressure on area farmland. Understanding the impacts of the agri-food system is crucial to help balance the needs of Wellington County’s population growth while continuing to strengthen the agrifood  system.

The Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA) recently released a report that examines the agri-food system in the County. Wellington County’s agri-food system contributes $2.8 billion to Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The primary agriculture sector in Wellington County plays a crucial role in the economy by contributing $841 million to Ontario’s GDP and employing over 12,260 people. Wellington County accounts for a notable portion of the provincial agricultural supply chain, too, producing 5.8% of 2021 provincial farm cash receipts.

WFA recognizes the Grand River Agricultural Society as a valued partner in our shared mission of supporting the local agricultural industry and are thankful for the generous financial support towards this project. The Society’s work demonstrates its deep commitment to protecting our valuable farmland and ensuring its sustainability for future generations.


The leadership of Ontario’s agricultural organizations, named below, are united in asking the Ontario government to take pause on its recently released Proposed Provincial Planning Statement and newly proposed Bill 97.

We stand in strong opposition to the 3 lot severances per farm parcel proposed in prime agricultural areas as well as other measures that weaken local farmland protection. We request that the limited circumstances permitting residential lot creation in prime agricultural areas under the Provincial Policy Statement, 2020, be retained in the new Proposed Provincial Planning Statement.


WFA AGM and OFA Regional Meeting is at The Grandway this year on Oct 28!  Tickets are $20 each and feature a plated Pork Tenderloin dinner.

Guest Speaker is Tim May aka 'Farmer Tim'!

For tickets email Katherine Noble at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Oct 14--we now accept etransfer!

Dinner is at 7, meeting portion starts at 8.

Do you want to make rewarding contributions to the future of our agricultural industry-both locally and provincially?

The Wellington Federation of Agriculture (WFA) is a local, general farm organization with over 1500 members, affiliated with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) and dedicated to uniting the farming community through grassroots leadership and cooperation


We are currently seeking an individual to provide administrative services to our board on a part-time basis, working from home. (average 15 hours/week)


The WFA Administrator reports to the WFA President and Board of Directors and will provide administrative services for the Federation, assisting the County Federation Board of Directors in achieving its mandate:


  • To improve the welfare of the individual farmer and the farming industry
  • To bring the viewpoints, concerns and recommendations of the membership to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) for policy development and action and to interpret OFA policy so developed to all members of the WFA
  • To effectively and promptly communicate core agricultural information to the farming community
  • To accurately present Wellington County agriculture to the community at large
  • To work in collaboration with the OFA


Provides a key link between Board, members, and community; and will endeavour to build and maintain exceptional service-driven relationships and effectively resolve member concerns, plan events and manage internal and external communications.


Key Position Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Follows all County Federation policies/procedures, Health and Safety
  • Have a reliable vehicle, Driver’s License and insurance.
  • Work closely with local OFA Member Service Representative and WFA Board Directors



  • Prepare monthly financial statements, circulate bank statements to Board
  • Support the annual financial review in preparations of annual financial statement
  • Pay accounts following Board approval of expenditures and co-signing of cheques
  • Prepare Annual Reports for Annual Meeting
  • Calculate Per Diems for Directors



  • Support the individual County President and decisions made by the Board
  • Arrange and attend all meetings (in person or virtual), provide refreshments if required
  • Prepare agendas in cooperation with President
  • Take minutes and distribute to Board
  • Follow-up directives by the Board and support committees
  • Create letters on behalf of the President or County Federation, and mail or email after Board approval
  • Research information in advance of meetings
  • Review correspondence and forward to President and Directors
  • Maintain files of information and post to ‘slack’
  • Maintains and manages website, social media accounts
  • Refer to WFA Constitution, policies, and bylaws and Roberts Rules of Order
  • Maintain files, general information; historical information
  • Planning and executing of planned events
  • Coordinate Annual General Meeting



  • Completion of a minimum two years post-secondary, Diploma from an accredited educational institution or equivalent experience preferred in agricultural industry.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Above average computer skills, Microsoft Office familiarity, electronic filing of information and photos
  • Ability to manage a home office
  • Strong background within the agricultural industry and the passion and energy to help it flourish
  • Experience working with Boards of Directors/Not for Profits
  • Demonstrates experience in creation of flyers, posters, and newsletters, event planning



  • Strong language and communication skills, written and verbal
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • Attention to detail and deadlines
  • Available to attend evening meetings and occasional weekend events
  • Self-disciplined and motivated to work alone from home
  • Ability to multitask and pivot 


Working Conditions:

  • Works in a home office environment as well as out in the field as required
  • Will be required to work flexible hours (evening and weekend) to attend meetings or events and functions
  • May deal with conflict and member relations issues causing stress at times
  • Spends a frequent amount of time driving to events, meetings and member venues
  • Travel required
  • Possesses a reliable vehicle and Ontario Driver’s License + insurance


Please forward resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5 pm July 22nd, 2022

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

WFA is hosting an Ag Debate for the riding of Wellington Halton Hills

Available on Facebook live and recorded, and on recorded on youtube.

Participate live via zoom

May be an image of text

September 9 at 7:30.  Visit our events page for links/phone in number

Deadline Sept 1.

Must be in an ag related post secondary program

Resident of Wellington County

Not a previous award recipient

complete application and 500 word essay

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Farm & Food Care Ontario is pleased to have assisted the Wellington Federation of Agriculture in the recent development of a set of five signs to be put up on walking trails in the area including the Guelph to Goderich (G2G) trail. Trail associations will be able to order the set of five signs, including mounting posts, at a cost subsidized by the WFA.

The project updates a 2006 initiative by FFCO's predecessor group, AGCare with funding from the Greenbelt Foundation and many conservation partners which saw a series of interpretive signs go up along hiking trails across the Greenbelt. Many of those signs are still in place.

The new signs explain different aspects of farming and feature profiles on Wellington County farmers including the Israel family (pigs), the Schill family (sheep) and the Harrop family (dairy). The signs also explain types of crops grown on farms in the area and explain things that people might see when they're driving in the area – like Environmental Farm Plan signs or the Wellington County Rural Water Quality Program.

The set of 5 signs is available from WFA at a subsidized cost, and includes posts.

OFA's Proud to Lead program and Farm Credit Canada assisted the WFA with funding for this project. Farm & Food Care donated it's time to lead the design work.



Link is constantly updating.  For the latest resources click here

Looking to start a new business?  Looking for help with an existing business?  There are available resources in Wellington County to help you out.  Two local organizations,  Wellington Waterloo Community Futures and Saugeen Economic Development Corporation offer similar resources and are there to help.  Loans are available in addition to other resources

Did you know that Wellington County residents are now able to use a ridesharing service?  This service is available to all Wellington County residents, even in the rural areas, and you are picked up at your door!

Info here

Link to fillable carbon tax exemption form


This article is available as a pdf here: MSR Report or continue reading below.


On February 24th, WFA Past President Gord Flewwelling presented a $750 cheque to the Norwell District Secondary School LEAF (Local Environment Agriculture & Food) Program.  This is a Specialist High Skills Major Course at Norwell.  To find out more about the LEAF program

Friday October 26, 2018

Speaker: Keith Currie - Looking Forward

Keith Currie, a Collingwood-area hay and sweet corn farmer, was acclaimed as President of the OFA at the 2017 Annual General Meeting, returning for his second year in the position. Keith was the organization’s Vice President from 2013-2016. His 25+ years of experience with the OFA began with the Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture, where he held numerous positions including President from 2004-2006.

Keith is a graduate of Ridgetown College with a diploma in Agriculture Production Management. After college Keith returned home to manage an eighth-generation dairy and cash crop farm in Simcoe County with his wife Janice and four children. The dairy herd was dispersed in 2003 and the operation now focuses on production of grains and oilseed, forages for dry hay, along with sweet corn and gladiolus flower production.

Keith served on the Expert Advisory Panel for the Coordinated Land Use Planning Review chaired by former Mayor of Toronto, David Crombie in 2015. Keith was a respected voice speaking out for agriculture in this role.

Keith continues to garner the respect of policy-makers as he looks forward to challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for our industry.

The Wellington Federation of Agriculture’s Annual meeting:

Friday, October 26, 2018
6:30: Social and 7:00: Banquet

Location: Fergus Legion Branch 275
500 Blair Street, Fergus
(just off St. Andrews W.)

Tickets: $15 each ($10 students)

Your choice of a chicken or roast beef dinner catered by Helen McFadzean, plus insights into farm politics, and a little federation business for just $15!

Don’t wait. Call and order tickets now!
Call 519-848-3774 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you an OFA member in Wellington County?  Would you like to help advance our industry in Wellington County and beyond?  We are looking for new Directors to join our dynamic team.  For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wellington Federation of Agriculture

Harriston ON N0G 1Z0 519-323-7294
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